On the day of your first visit with us, please plan on having as much as 2 to 4 hours allotted for your appointment. There are potentially many stages to having a complete retinal evaluation, and in the interest of giving you the best eye care we can provide, our doctors may choose to perform some or many of the diagnostic tests indicated elsewhere on this website.

All patients new to the practice will have to complete a new patient form which provides us with the information needed to assemble your medical record. If you would like to save time the day of your visit, you can download, print, and complete this form before your visit. Click here to download our new patient form.

All patients that are seen in our practice will have an intake assessment by one of our qualified ophthalmic technicians, including taking a thorough general medical history, and performing some basic eye tests including checking your visual acuity and eye pressure. They will then dilate your eyes to allow our doctors to examine the retina. Once the drops are applied, the dilation takes approximately thirty minutes before you can be examined.

In order to prevent repeated room changes, our doctors may request that you have one or more of the diagnostic tests which are listed elsewhere on this site performed prior to your examination. After this you will be seated in a room where the doctor will talk with you and examine your eyes. After the examination you may again have one or more diagnostic tests performed prior to any treatment or discussion about your condition.

As the dilation of your eyes can make you sensitive to light, and as you may have a procedure performed on your first visit, it is recommended that you have someone with you to drive you home after your appointment.