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Diagnostic Testing
Our office offers state of the art imaging with our new Heidelberg OCT and fundus imaging system, providing our physicians all of the imaging modalities available in order to properly diagnose and best treat your retinal conditions.
Color Fundus Photography - A digital camera is used to take photographs of the retina. This is frequently used to document an area of interest in the retina and help guide treatment.
Fluorescein Angiography - This diagnostic test allows our physicians to visualize the blood flow within the eye, much like a conventional angiogram can help a physician see the blood flow in various parts of the body. Dye is injected into a vein in the arm and photographs are taken for approximately 10 minutes. The physician then reviews the results and will use them to help guide your treatment.
Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) - This technology allows our physicians to very quickly get a detailed cross sectional iamge of the retina. This information helps to make a diagnosis and determine how well a patient is responding to treatment.
Ultrasound - The ultrasound used in ophthalmology is similar to those used in other fields of medicine. This is used if there is not a good view to the retina on account of advanced cataract or bleeding inside the eye, or to look at structures beneath the retina and beyond what is visible on examination.